10 Health Benefits of Mustard

Health Benefits of Mustard

Let’s talk today about a food that you probably enjoy in on a hot dog at the least, but have probably never stopped to wonder whether it is good for you or not. Yes, we are talking about the mustard. Actually, the mustard you like spreading on your burger or hot dog comes from mustard seeds, which have proven to have incredible effects on the health of the overall body.

This is why in addition today we are going to provide you with some of the best health benefits that come with regular consumption of the mustard, mustard seeds and mustard oil.

Mustard health benefits

1. It will treat psoriasis – the incredibly tiny mustard seeds are effective against psoriasis which is considered to be a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disorder. There have been plenty of research studies which have validated the effectiveness in curing the inflammation and lesions which are often associated with psoriasis. According to several of these studies, the treatment with mustard seeds is also able to stimulate the activities of good enzymes such as the superoxide dismutase, the glutathione peroxidase and the catalase which encourage a protective and healing action in diseases such as this one.

2. It will relieve contact dermatitis – the mustard seeds can offer plenty of therapeutic relief in the case of contact dermatitis. There have been a research which has suggested that consumption of mustard seeds helps in healing the symptoms associated with the contact dermatitis such as healing of the tissues and reduction in the swelling of the ear area.

3. You can improve your cardiovascular health with it – the mustard as well as the mustard oil are considered to be a hearty choice when it comes to choosing cooking oils. Studies conducted to find out all of its effects on the patients suspected of a heart attack have demonstrated plenty of positive results with an aspect to a significant reduction in the rate of cardiac arrhythmia, decrease in the ventricular enlargement as well as the chest pain associated with this particular disorder. The cardioprotective properties of the mustard oil are a possible attribute to the presence of omega 3 fatty acids, among some other helpful compounds.

4. Provide you with relief from respiratory disorders – the mustard seeds have also been valued for their therapeutic effects in curing a cold and any sinus issues. It is a wonderful decongestant and expectorant, which helps in clearing out the mucus in the air ways. In some parts of the world the mustard seeds are considered as the food with the warmer tendency and is praised for its healing effects in calming both the vata and the kapha.

For a very long time now, different home remedies have involved the usage of mustard seeds or mustard oil for treating a variety of sinus related ailments such as the addition of the ground mustard seeds in a foot soak assists in releasing the congestion caused in the respiratory organs (yes, this one is true), gargling with tea made out of mustard seeds can aid in soothing a sore throat, and plenty of other usages.

The heating proeprties of this particular plant penetrate deeply inside the tissues of the body and clean the excess mucus buildup. These heating properties that come along with the mustard also call for a cautionary advice with regard to the burning sensations which may happen to the tissues which are exposed and are not concealed.

These seeds have also been found to be quite effective in curing the chronic bronchitis. During an asthmatic attack, by massaging a mix of mustard oil and a small portion of camphor you will promote an easier breathing by breaking down the phlegm. The plaster or poultice made from the mustard seeds has been used for long time now for treating the bronchitis and to stimulate the healthy blood circulation within the body.

5. It is able to cure aches – the poultice or plaster made from the mustard seeds helps in curing any pains and spasms as well. The mustard contains incredible properties and hence, when it is applied as a plaster, it exercises analgesic effects and provides relief in the paralysis of the limbs, rheumatism and some other muscular aches. Another important note that you have to remember is this case is that the mustard plaster contains warmer effects and may cause sore blistering if it is applied directly on the surface of the skin. In order to avoid that, a linen sheet should be used right between the skin and the plaster.

is eating Mustard good for your health

6. Acts as a poison repulsion – the mustard seeds possess protective properties which resist the effects any poison can have on the body. A decoction made with mustard seeds helps in cleansing the body, especially in cases where the poisoning is caused by narcotics or an excess intake of alcohol.

7. Treat ringworm with it – the antibacterial properties of the mustard seeds have been proven to be very effective in curing the lesions caused by ringworm. A topical application of a paste made out of mustard seeds on a clean skin, washed with warm water will help in soothing the symptoms that are associated with ringworms.

8. Maintain the care of the skin and the hair – it is also able to serve as a wonderful beauty aid as well. The henna leaves boiled with some mustard oil can help stimulate the healthy hair growth. If the mustard seeds are roasted in sesame oil or coconut oil it will enrich the resultant sieved oil and will make up for an effective cure for acne and promote a clearer skin complexion.

9. Provide your nerves with a healing effect – as we have already mentioned it above, the mustard plant has a heat inspiring nature, from which some indiviiduals may benefit, especially those suffering from nerve damage. It helps in stimulating the entire healing process by arousing the nerve impulses and also has an invigorating effect on the nerves altogether.

10. Control diabetes with mustard – the mustard leaf is excellent for diabetics. Studies have proven the anti oxidation activities of the mustard plant which helps in neutralizing the effects of oxygen free radicals and protects the body against the damages caused by the oxidative stress, especially in diabetics. This study shows that if you decide to regularly administrate the mustard oil, you will help yourself in reducing the levels of glycosylated proteins and the serum glucose. It also aids in reducing the lipid peroxidation and stimulates the glucose metabolism.

We are hoping to have enlightened you with some information about the mustard. When you think about it, you are probably already surrounded with healthy foods you don’t even notice on a nevery day basis. This is why we encourage you to start consuming the mustard, mustard oil and mustard seeds in order to maintain and boost your overall health. Start from today if you can!