20 Amazing Psychology Facts Everyone Needs To Know

amazing psychology facts everyone needs to know

Our psychology is a really interesting and mysterious thing and there are so many things that actually do not make sense once you think about them. Here we have a list of 20 things about the human psychology that you probably didn’t know about:

Favorite Song

Our favorite song is usually related to some emotional event that has had an impact on us

Music Influences Our Perception

According to a study from the Groningen University, music has an incredible impact on our perception.

Spending Money Makes Us Happy

According to a number of studies spending money on other people actually makes us feel happy and satisfied with ourselves.

Spend on Making Memories
You will feel much happier if you spend your money on experiences rather on material stuff. Science says that making memories is what makes us happy.

Kids Are Very Strung
Kids today are so strung that half of the population struggles with substance abuse, anxiety and depression.

Religion Can Help You Deal with Stress
People who meditate and pray are less stressed than those who don’t.

Money Buys Happiness
The average American needs to earn 75.000 USD a year to be happy because that’s how much money he has to spend on everything he needs.

Happiness Is Contagious 
If you spend a lot of time with happy people, you’ll be a happy person too. It turns out happiness is contagious so try to surround yourself with happy people.

People Aged 18-33 Are Most Stressed
This is the most stressful period in one’s life because it’s the time when one has to worry about education, work and family.

Tricking Your Brain Is Possible
You can make your brain believe that you’ve slept more so that you have more energy.

Dunning Kruger Effect
This is when ignorant people start believing they’re intelligent while intelligent people start thinking they don’t know enough.

Remembering Something In the Past
When you start remembering something that happened in the past you’re actually remembering the last time you remembered it. That’s why our memories tend to fade away with time.

Thinking in another Language = Rational Decisions
According to one study conducted by the University of Chicago people who were thinking in a foreign language had reduced overall bias.

Talking About Goals
If you spend a lot of time talking about what you want to achieve it will reduce your odds for success.

Chocolate Makes You Happy
It turns out that the same hormone your brain releases when you’re in love, is released when you eat chocolate. It’s the hormone that makes you excited and alerted, makes you feel happy.

Hugs Release Chemicals
Hugging someone makes your body release oxytocin which makes you feel secure, safe and connected to the person you’re hugging.

Tired Brain Is A Creative Brain
It turns out that when you’re tired you’re more creative and have the highest chances to do something.

Rejection Is Painful
Neuroscience shows that rejection actually causes pain to the brain.

Relationships Are Important
According to a study from the North Carolina University relationships with other people are more important for your health than physical activity.

Blind People Can’t Be Schizophrenic 
And the last one is quite interesting, it seems that there’s no evidence of a blind person ever developing schizophrenia.