13 Easy Plum Juice Recipes: (Step-By-Step Guide)

Plum Juice Recipes

If there was ever an award given for the best global fruit, the plum would definitely win this one. Consuming this fruit goes back to ancient times. From then, it has spread all across the planet and about 40 varieties of it have been discovered. It is a remarkable and incredible multifunctional fruit!

Build yourself up from the plum juice. If you are one of those people who want to taste everything that is sweet in this world, the plum drink would be just the right fit for you. All of the benefits from juicing plums is because the process of blending combines several tastes – it is juicy, fleshy, firm, and yet an amazing meal. But, there is much more to it. One healthy dose of plum can provide you with enough nutrient values to make sure your digestive system is quite strong. Also, the plum is considered to be a great source of a number of important minerals such as the potassium, iron and fluoride, as well as some vitamins that round up to a very good nutritional value food.

How to make plum juice for your children?!

You can definitely try and use the plum juice as a delicious and tasty drink that you can give to your children in order to maintain their health. Also, you can enjoy a healthy recipe of an exotic plum cake. This plum snack can help you maintain a smooth movement of the bowel, good absorption of iron, and developing strong health of the eyes and the bones. There are a lot of plum drinks that you can make on your own.

Something Quite Unique About The Plums

Before we move on this subject, we would like to share something very interesting about the plums and what they can do for you. One plateful of different varieties of the plum will add a bit of color to your dinner table! Green, dark yelow, purple black, throbbing red and even a bit of golden – these are the colors that you can find! Furthermore, make sure that these are not only colors to feast your eyes on, they are a feast for your belly too! Sweet, colorful and sturdy – the plum is a fruit with an incredible combination of nutrients.

Are there any benefits from the amazing plums drink?!

Did you know that the plums can provide you with some amazing health benefits that will serve you for the rest of your life? In addition we provide you with some of the best benefits that you will get from regularly consuming the plum (in moderacy of course).

− Will aid you with your weight loss process – there is a dietary fiber in the plum juice that absorbs the water as it passes through the digestive tract, thus preventing you from overeating. Therefore, your overall calorie intake will be reduced. The plum juices are also filled with antioxidants that can further help you with your weight loss process.

− Will help you prevent any strokes or heart attacks – the compounds of the plums are able to control the cholesterol flow within the blood and the fats, preventing the oxygen in the body from doing any harm to the tryglicerides that can be the cause of a heart attack or a stroke, and hypertension.

− Improve the health of the eyes – this is a juice that contains Vitamin A which will help you protect your eyes from any diseases or infections. It will even enhance your night vision, especially with older people and any people who are prone to developing any kind of loss of vision.

− Lower your risk of ARMD – also, the Vitamin A in the plum juice will lower your risk of this age related macular degeneration.

− Giving benefit to the pregnant women – you will not be the only one who will take the benefits from the plum nectar, your baby will be getting it too! Vitamins A, C and K, as well as encouraging tissue growth during pregnancy, bone growth and health and preventing any blood clots from occurring will be all the benefits you and your baby will enjoy together.

So, after taking all of this into consideration, would you try consuming more plum juice from now on?

We are positive that we haven’t made a good impression yet, because there is still one part that needs to be filled. Usually most of the people like it all pointed out when it comes to facing a new subject such a this one, so we have made things a bit easier for you now. We have prepared for you a full list of healthy plum recipes and how to make the nectar from the sweet plums that you and your entire family and friends will enjoy in! Have we made things more interesting and appealing for you? Keep on reading and find out how to prepare plum drinks in the comfort of your own home with ingredients that are quite easy to find in your kitchen or in the local store! Get prepared to start chopping some healthy fruits! https://web.archive.org/web/20190103015436if_/https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Foneminutejuice%2Fvideos%2F676226735905102%2F&show_text=0&width=400 

Here are 13 plum drink recipes!

1. Make regular plum juice – take some plums and put them in water. Boil them for a period of about three minutes. Then remove from the heat and let them cool off. Take the pits out by hand. Take the plums, put them in a blender and blend them good. Afterwards, strain them. You can add some rose syrup or some cumin powder in order to make it taste a bit better, and add some water too. Cheers!

how to make plum juice recipe

2. Apple and plum – for the ingredients you will need – one apple, four large plums and half a squeeze of lime. Start off by taking the plums and juicing them. Then, take the apple and juice it too. Then, take the lime and squeeze it on top of it all. Put some ice in the drink and enjoy it! A small tip here is that you can take the lime and squeeze it in along with the pith. The pith contains a lot of nutrients so there is no need for you to remove it from this nutritious sweet plum juice.

apple and plum juice recipe

3. The bloody plum – here are the ingredients for this amazing plum juice recipe – one blood orange, two large plums, one cup of grapes. Here are the directions – take the orange and slice it into quarters, without the peel but with the pith, and juice them up really nice. Then, take the plums and juice them too. Finally, throw in the grapes and juice them as well. Of course, put some ice in the end and enjoy the drink. This is a fantastic drink filled with vitamins. With this juice, you can use white or red grapes, it does not matter, though we really recommend the white grapes. If you are striving towards making the juice a little less sweet, add a little bit of water and dillute the drink. This is a plum juice that you can easily take as a substitute for fatty desserts in order to get the desired sweet taste.

homemade plum juice recipe

4. Plum and beets – the ingredients for this recipe are the following – one big apple, one small beet, two big plums and an inch of ginger. Take the beet and put it in a blender, then add the ginger, chopped up nicely before putting it into the blender, add the two plums and finally, chop up the apple and add it to the blender too. Blend it all in until there is a homogenous mix, pour some water or ice and enjoy this incredible drink!

recipes for plum juice

5. Plum lemonade – here are the ingredients – ten small ripe plums, pitted and halved, about five cups of water (as much as you see fit), about 6 lemons, some sugar (but this is optional) and ice cubes. Note that before we start with the preparation part, make sure you taste the drink when you’ve prepare it, because the plums may be a little too sweet so you will not need to add any sugar, or you are simply one of those people who like bittery taste, and you may even need to put some more lemons in it. Now, first of all, take the pitted plums and add them to a food processor. Grind them until they are completely smoothed out. Then, take the juice and strain it. Squeeze out all the lemons and add the freshly squeezed lemon juice into the strained plum juice. Then, taste it to make sure it’s just right for your taste. Add enough water to make the perfect consistency. Add a couple of ice cubes and garnish it with some mint leaves. Enjoy!

healthy plum juice recipes

6. Plum nectar juice – here are the ingredients – one pound of completely ripened plums, half a liter of water and ¼ cup of organic maple syrup just to enhance the taste. For the instruction part, rinse the plums, de pit them and put them in a small pot. Add some water and bring this to a boil. Then, reduce the heat to a medium, let it simmer for two or three hours in order to extract all of the flavors from this amazing fruit. Put it away from the heat and let it cool off for a while. Then, using a blender, blend this mixture so that the plums and the boiled water (now plum juice) some together as one. Then strain this so that all the bits and pieces that did not mash well are caught by you. Add some maple syrup and mix. Enjoy!

plum nectar juice  recipe

7. Plum juice recipe (this one is for toddlers and babies) – for the ingredients, you are going to need – five medium sized plums, two cups of water, two teaspoons of sugar and lemon juice, but these two are optional, depends on your taste and the taste of your infant. Take the plums, wash them thoroughly and put them in a bowl filled with water. Put them on a stove and bring them to a boil. Then, immediately put some cold water over the plums so that they stop cooking. Remove the pit from the plums and cut them up into cubes. Put them in a blender, along with the water and the lemon juice and water (remember, the last two are optional) and blend it all well. Now, strain the liquid until only the juice is left in a glass. It is ready to serve!

plum juice recipe for baby

8. Sweet plum juice – this is probably the healthiest version of all the juices that we will present to you today because the ingredients contain only five big plums and two apples. For the preparation part, take the plums and remove the pit from them. Then, chop them up and put them in a blender. Take the apples and do the same procedure. Remove the pit, chop them up and put them in a blender. You do not need to add water in the blender, simply mix these two ingredients up and pour the mixture in a glass. This is a recipe that will contribute to optional bone health, digestion and decrease your risk of developing cancer.

fresh plum juice recipe

9. The quick and savory plum juice recipe – ingredients – four pieces of plum, four teaspoons of sugar, ¼ teaspoon of salt, two glasses of water and ice if you prefer to drink this juice cold. For the preparation part, take the plums, remove the pit and the seeds, and then put them in a blender along with the sugar, water and salt. Blend them all in together until they’re all incorporated. Add the ice and blend some more. Then, simply pour it into glasses and let it chill down your body!

easy plum juice recipes

10. Plums and carrots juice – here are the ingredients you are going to need – four big plums, 6 medium sized carrots and a pinch of cinnamon. For the preparation part, take the plums and cut them into quarters. Remove the seeds from the plums and throw them away, you will not be needing them. Take the plums, put them in a blender and put the carrots with them as well. Make a homogenous juice, put it in a glass with some ice cubes and a pinch of cinnamon and your healthy juice is ready to be served!

black, purple, red, yellow plum juice recipe

11. Banana plum smoothie – here are the necessary ingredients for you – half a cup of nonfat plain yogurt, a cup of milk, a cup of frozen bananas and a cup of frozen plums. Take all of the ingredients, add them in a blender and mix it all up until you get the perfectly looking smoothie. Then, simply pour it in some glasses, put some ice in them and the smoothie is ready to be served!

plum drink recipe

12. Plum and berry smoothie with apricots – this is another easy plum recipe that will satify the needs of your body and can keep you satiated for a longer period of time. For the ingredients, you will need two apricots, halved and without their seeds, a cup of frozen strawberries, a cup of frozen or fresh blueberries, half a cup vanilla yogurt (or plain yogurt, whatever fits your needs more), two tablespoons of honey, a teaspoon of cinnamon, and eight fresh plums, de-seeded and cut int pieces. Take all of these ingredients, put them in a blender, mix them all up nicely, and then pour the liquid into glasses. Serve this with or without ice.

plum juice recipe in indian urdu tamil

13. Natural sweet smoothie with prunes (dried plums) – this last one is with dried plums, or so called prunes, which you can find anywhere, not matter if it is plum season or not, making this recipe pretty easy to make at any time of the year. For the ingredients you will need one medium banana (peeled), a teaspoon of honey, a cup of frozen strawberries, a cup of prunes, and half a cup of low fat plain yogurt as well as three ice cubes. Put all the ingredients in a blender except the ice, blend until the mixture is smooth, with no pits. Then, add the ice cubes and mix it up a bit more, just so that the ice is a bit crushed. Pour it in a glass and enjoy an amazing plum nectar!

wild plum juice recipes

We assure you that these recipe will help you start off your day on a healthier foot, or simply give you the strength and the energy to complete all of your daily tasks. Make sure you try some of these recipes (or all of them if you find them tasteful) and enjoy a better and healthier lifestyle!