10 Nutrient Rich Juice Recipes

Nutrient Rich Juice Recipes

A frequently asked question nowadays is – is juicing good for you?
How would you feel about making juices without a juicer?
Did you think that it is not possible? Well, it is!

Here is the good news we have for you today – you do not need a juicer if you want to make some refreshing and healthy pick-me-up drinks. All of the recipes can answer your question on how to juice with a blender too. This is why no special equipment is needed (of any kind).

This is why in addition we will give you plenty of recipes to work with, which you can prepare in a juicer or in a blender, whichever is more available to you. Believe us, this kind of a rich recipe can taste quite good, is filled with the same nutrients and will refresh you and make you feel better in an instant. What you can notice in the list of juices is that we have set our focus on the green juices, or juices that have some rich nutrition in them. This is all because the green produce have proven to be the healthiest ingredients that you can turn into juice or consume as a solid food. So sit back, relax and start reading!

How to make fruits juice and best juicing recipes

Pineapple and kale juice

best nutrient rich juice recipes

The first juice on this list for juice recipes for beginners begins with pineapple and kale juice. Consuming pineapple juice is good for your body. By mixing it with kale, it will extensively improve the fitness gain. For those who are just beginning, you may want some nutritient rich vegetables, such as a handful of kale leaves along with its stems, cucumber, parsley, and a lot of pineapple. This recipe will require medium sized apples. If you are low on parsley, cilantro is a good alternative for it. For those of you who do not like the bitterness of the kale, you can reduce the quantity of it. Just a few leaves of kale will do just fine for the recipe.

Fiber rich apple juice

high nutrient juice recipes

as a part of this list, apple juice is taken into consideration as popular juice, mostly because it is able to do wonders for your skin. Aside from apple, you’ll need some lemon, celery, carrot, parsley, and mint. By adding the carrot and celery you will make a healthy green juice. In the meantime, the apple, lemon, and mint will improve its taste. It may come as surprise to you, but this juice has been recommended if you want to offer a refreshing sensation to your body. If you like for the juice to be extra refreshing, you can add up to eight stems of mint leaves. This is absolutely the best component to one of the best fresh juice recipes, and gives it its awesome flavor. You will be energized for a period of over two hours.

Minty spinach juice, fresh spinach juice for weight reduction

most nutrient dense juice recipe

you cannot deny that regarding mint in the green juice, the spinach will also improve its refreshing taste. The minty spinach juice is a super protein rich juice recipe that contains mint. For this recipe, you will need one bunch of spinach. This should be approximately six cups. You will also need an apple, lemon, orange, ginger, and a handful of mint leaves. When it comes to he apple, it is highly recommended to add a yellow one. The unpeeled lemon is also recommended. This minty spinach juice recipe is highly improved for people who are recovering from flu or have issues with their blood. The spinach may not be high in nutritional values but it can help you improve your overall health and it tastes good too.

Tasty vegetable juice

most nutritious juice recipes

most of the people assume that vegetable juice isn’t always delicious. Well, the following recipe will let you know that this is not the case. It has made its way onto the list of juice recipes for beginners because it is simple to make. Most significantly, it is able to convert vegetables into detox juice recipes. For this recipe you are going to need kale, celery, cucumber, lemon, apple, and ginger. The lemon and the ginger are used to improve its flavor. But, for some people the taste of ginger is simply too strong. If this is the case with you, reduce the amount of ginger in case you find it too sturdy for you for as low as possible. Meanwhile, the apple used in the recipe will sweeten the flavor of the juice. This juice is filled with nutrients, so it is safe to say that it comes in the group of magnesium rich juices.

Powerful spinach Vitamin A rich juice

multivitamin juice recipe

the spinach is a secret element that is capable of making Popeye robust and powerful. Despite having its place in a cartoon on a fictitious idea, spinach does include the excessive quantity of dietary benefits. You can take advantage of this amazing food by including spinach into a juice recipe. In an effort to create powerful spinach juice, you will also be needing lemon, apple, ginger, Italian cucumber, lettuce, and garlic cloves. The garlic cloves in this particular recipe are optional. You can feel free to remove it from this list of ingredients if you don’t feel like consuming it, but if you are eager to try a juice with a whole new twist, make sure that you don’t leave it out. The garlic cloves are added to the recipe in order to support the spinach fitness benefits. Also, use unpeeled lemon for this iron rich juice to improve its taste.

Morning juice

what is the best juice to drink in the morning?

this particular list of juice recipes for beginners additionally consists of the juice that you may consume in the morning. The morning time, right upon awakening is considered as an excellent time to consume juice if you consider the fact that your body is able to soak up nutrient in a much faster way. The recipe for this morning juice consists of carrot, celery, lemon, and an apple. Optionally, you could also incorporate ginger into this recipe. But, considering that a lot of people have trouble with digesting sturdy juice in the morning, you might want to pick it out from the recipe. Other than the apple, Macintosh is a pretty good alternative for the list of ingredients on this recipe. The looks of the juice is practically orange with a hint of green, and a calcium rich juice.

Re-hydrating juice

juicing recipes full of nutritious micronutrients

the main reason why people consume juice is to re-hydrate their bodies. If this is the case, you could use this re-hydrating juice recipe. The ingredients for this juice are exceptionally easy to find. The main components include Italian cucumber, lime, and tomatoes. And in order to make this green juice even more healthy, you can additionally put some spinach and cilantro. If you are picky with your ingredients, the alternative for cilantro is parsley. You will need a handful of these green veggies. A lot of people like and enjoy this re-hydrating juice because of its mixture of lime and tomato. The juice is mostly made up from these ingredients, they are the base of it. This antioxidant rich juice and Vitamin A rich juice is considered to be an excellent choice for those hot summer days.

Red and green juice

what juice gives you the most nutrients?

compared to most juices from this list of juice recipes for beginners, this juice has a very unique recipe. The pink color of the juice comes from the beet, which is one of the main ingredients in the juice. Other than beet, you will additionally need some lime, celery, apple, and parsley. If you want to make it taste a bit stronger, you can add ginger into it. In the meantime, for the apple, you can use any type of apple. The only one that is no recommended for this particular recipe is the granny smith apple. The nutrients from the beet will set your health at a higher level. The apple is able to decrease the amount of LDL cholesterol in your system as well.

Juice for no pores and smooth skin

nutrient dense juice recipes

this list of amazing juice recipes for beginners keeps up with precise juices that you should be capable of making on your own, and this one will make your skin glow. Of course, you need to be prepared that there are some unique elements for it. The recipe includes heirloom tomato, raw pepper, Persian cucumber, Italian cucumber, romaine lettuce, and lemon. As you could see, it includes some greens. In case you want to cover up the taste of these veggies, you can add a few leaves of mint inside the recipe. With the tomato and the exclusive type of cucumber, the flavor would be exquisite. Other than promoting smooth skin complexion, this juice recipe is also good as antioxidant as well as for a couple of other things too.

Green goddess juice

at the very end of this list with juice recipes for beginners, we have the juice referred to as as green goddess. The vegetables used for this recipe are including kale, spinach, and mint. In the meantime, for the best part of it, you’ll need strawberry, lime, and apple. Granny smith apples is the recommended type of apple for this recipe. For those of you who are eager to try a stronger variety of this recipe, you will need to add some ginger to the recipe. While you should probably make this drink when it is summer, you can serve this juice with ice cubes. Most of the people like this potassium rich juice because of the sweet flavor of the strawberry.

This is the part where we tell you that you are free to create a fun habit of your own. Thousands and thousands of humans have taken up juicing. As a matter of fact, juicing has turned out to be a day to day habit for a lot of people who wish to start their day with a glass of amazing and healthy juice. You can create your very own juice, for an example a Vitamin D rich juice, and most importantly, after a period of time, notice how it will improve your figure.

And now we are going to focus on the health benefits of juicing:

it can lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body – reducing your cholesterol levels requires much more than simply juicing your way through it. You will have to change your weight loss plan completely. There are plenty of cases out there where the levels of bad cholesterol in the body is just over the roof and in these particular cases, the medical doctor usually suggests to the patient that it is high time to stop consuming fried and processed foods, and eliminate them entirely from the dietary plan. Yes, you read it correctly – no saturated fat, no red meat or beef and replace all of that with greater vegetables, fruit, oats, seafood and chicken. Juicing can help you consume more vegetables that will help decrease cholesterol like capsicum, dark veggies, cucumber, celery, ginger, bitter melon and lemon to name a few at higher doses because a lot of people cannot imagine consuming an entire stack of these. So, in order for you to lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body, you want to significantly alternate your weight loss plan (you have to avoid fried and fatty meals), exercise more and consume extra veggies and fruits.

it will help lower the blood sugar levels – well, another sad reality from our quick meals and soda culture is contributing to the fascinatingly rapid increase in people who are suffering from diabetes and worst of all, a whole group of younger human beings which are in their 20s are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. As it has been noted, around 26 million people are suffering from diabetes and an expected 79 million people have pre-diabetes!

That number is terrifying! Fortunately, by changing your weight loss plan, meaning removing all of the fried food, beef, red meat, sodas and everything sweet, you can significantly lower your blood sugar levels. Consuming meals like ginger, broccoli, spinach, celery, and onion as well as acidic based produce such as lemon, grapefruit, pomegranates and oranges will help decrease bad cholesterol, as well as your blood sugar levels. And how does the juicing fit into the picture here?

Juicing these veggies will help you eat more without overloading your digestive tract. Next time you’re grabbing something to eat, try to remember that you have to lower the quantity of candy fruits within the mixture to just the bare minimal – only use it as a sweetener. The results that you are going to get in the end is basically whole fruits that are best consumed raw because they are filled with fiber, which slows down the process of absorbing fructose.

it will definitely help you get better skin – you have probably heard the term “you are what you eat” at some point in your life. This additionally applies to the skin. If a person consumes everything from the variety of greasy junk food, then that person’s skin will most likely be oily and feature quite a few breakouts. Most of us had this exact profile throughout high school, and some of us even got into college with the same features. Basically, our meal plans back then were probably consisted of burgers, fries and sodas, hence all of the pores and skin reflected that eating regimen.

You probably found yourself typically having zit breakouts that actually spread all over the face. Yes, you can say here that the hormones had its contribution here, but however we would probably be off better without consuming any greasy and processed foods, empty calories and sodas that can do more harm than good.

The process of juicing contributes in us getting better skin now because it really does allow for the body to absorb more nutrients that our pores and skin so desperately needs, it allows to suppress the appetite for a longer period of time, leaving almost no place for fried foods, chicken, and chips. We are certain that you would put your trust in us that sipping a cup of sparkling cucumber + beet + carrot juice will do so much better for your pores and skin comparing to sipping up on a cup of frappuccino.

it will improve your athletic performance – like the leafy greens can provide your body with the dietary boost that different meals can not, there is one particular vegetable (a root crop) which could enhance the overall athletic performance naturally while not having to boost your performance with performance enhancing drugs. So, what’s this most nutrient rich vegetable? It’s simply the beet. This velvet colored root crop may be eaten raw as a part of a salad or in case you want to get the benefits instantly, add it in your juice recipe. Most of the athletes which are literally world class, from runners to cyclists, put their trust in the beet root juice. Additionally, studies have proven that consuming pure beet root can shave off mins out of your jogging or running time. The beet improves oxygen and blood movement within the muscle, and with this, your muscle endurance will be significantly improved. There are researches that refute these claims, but however those researches had been most effective when done on low intensity sporting activities. New research mention that even though the beet juice may not enhance the flow of blood, it could “de-stiffen” the blood vessels – this eases the workload of the heart.


So, here we are, at the very end, not finishing a chapter, but touching upon a new one. The juicing world will uncover a variety of options what will make you feel better and focus on your own health and well being! Start trying out healthy juice recipes now and experience all of it. Create the best version of yourself today.