10 Health Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice

Health Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice

The tart cherry juice is made from the small cherries, and can bring you a lot of health benefits. The tart cherries are further known as sour cherries, and are closely related to the regular cherries we all know and love, but as a fruit they are quite different from each other. The tart cherries are far more acidic, contain more nutrients and can have a lot more health benefits.

The tart cherries can actually do wonders for the body, both inside and out, giving the fact that they are packed with a lot of nutrients, so what we have done today is picked out the best benefits from the tart cherry juice and presented them to you so that you could find out what this amazing juice can do for you. Keep on reading and enjoy!

tart cherry juice healthy benefits for your body

1. You can increase your strength easily

– those people who are physically active will be quite interested in this juice. Plenty of studies have confirmed the results of the tart cherry juice, and they are incredible. As it turns out, the tart cherry juice is going to provide you with an increased strength in the muscles. The intake of the tart cherry juice in the days leading up to and the days following the intense physical workout can reduce the soreness and increase the strength of the muscles. Furthermore, it is able to speed up the entire process of recovery.

2. The juice is filled with nutrients

– the tart cherry juice is filled with plenty of nutrients. It contains carbs, protein, fiber, fat, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, potassium, manganese, copper. When you’re buying tart cherries, you can spot them because they look much different than the sweet cherries. The sweet cherries have a deep red color, while the tart cherries, after being harvested, maintain their bright red color. Bear in mind that some varieties of tart cherry juice contain a bit sweet taste, so make sure you opt for the unsweetened variety. The tart cherry juice is filled with beneficial plant compounds and nutrients. In comparison to the sweet cherry juice, this juice contains higher amounts of some nutrients.

3. Reduce the soreness in your muscles

– it has been scientifically proven that the regular consumption of the tart cherry juice will reduce the breakdown of muscles, the soreness of the muscles, and speed up the recovery process, making it much easier for you to work out and start helping your body cope with it in a much better and easier way. Try drinking it right after you’ve done your workout, and feel the results in an instant!

4. Improve the quality of your sleep

– the tart cherry juice has been scientifically proven to improve the quality of your sleep, the duration of your sleep and even help you reduce your need for a daytime nap. A research team has found out that adults who consumed about two glasses of tart cherry juice in a day experienced increase in the sleep efficiency. What the researchers found out is that the participants who consumed the tart cherry juice slept longer, napped less during the day, and spent more of their time asleep in their beds. In addition to this, the group of people who consumed tart cherry juice showed an increased level of melatonin, a hormone that is responsible for the sleep and wake cycle, indicating that the regular consumption of this juice boosts the levels of melatonin which in the long run may explain how the tart cherry juice actually works.

5. Improve the health of your brain

– the aging process, as well as the oxidative stress can both be the cause of many neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and ALS. But, the tart cherry juice is filled with antioxidants that can have protective properties against all off these cognitive declines. The tart cherries contain a high amount of phenolics, such as the anthocyanins, that contain powerful anti neurodegenerative activity.

6. You can even reduce your symptoms of Gout and Arthritis

– the tart cherry juice contains two very powerful compounds – bioflavonoids (a special type of antioxidants) and anthocyanins, that both help relieving the arthritis and the gout. According to several studies, the tart cherries were successful in diminishing the pain and improving the function with patients who were suffering from osteoarthritis after only a three week period of regular consumption. Also, another study showed how people who were consuming tart cherries withing only a period of 48 hours has a 50% lower risk of gout flares. That’s gotta stand for something.

7. Strengthen your entire immune system

– the tart cherry juice is filled with flavonoids, which is a type of antioxidant that can help with the boosting of the immune system. According to a research published in the Biochemical Pharmacology Journal, the flavonoids, which are found in the tart cherry juice can definitely do wonders for your whole immune system.

8. Take advantage of those cancer fighting properties

– the antioxidants which are found in the tart cherry juice have been shown to shut off the genes that that are involved in the cancer. Also, they may be able to inhibit the growth of any tumor cells. Some researches have indicated that there is quite a unique connection between the phenolic acids and anthocyanins, which ultimately gives the tart cherries these cancer fighting properties. The tart cherries have been proven to reduce the growth of colon cancer cell lines.

9. Reducing the pain with tart cherry juice

– this is a juice that is such a potent pain reducer and anti inflammatory agent that it is literally on the same level as the ibuprofen or the naproxen (without all of the side effects). The anthocyanins which are found in the cherries can naturally reduce the inflammation. Also, this compound is able to protect you against some chronic conditions which are commonly associated with inflammation, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and metabolic syndrome.

10. Finally, drink tart cherry juice to reduce your weight

– according to some studies, the active compound in the tart cherries known as anthocyanins is responsible for acting against the development of obesity. This compound acts as an antioxidant and eliminates the free radicals and the accumulated toxins from the body, thus preventing them from doing any further damage to you and causing inflammation. The cherries naturally get rid of the toxins in the body, which promotes a healthy weight loss.

You can either start consuming the tart cherries or turn to the liquid version of them (which is the one we prefer), and start getting the most out of them. Just make sure you go for the organic and unsweetened version and you are good to go!