10 Health Benefits of Poppy Seeds

Even though you might not think of the poppy seeds as anything more than the decoration on top of your salad or bagel, these tiny black seeds are actually full of nutirents. They do not only have a mild flavor that makes them excellent addition to a variety of meals, but it also contains plenty of nutrients.

If you are willing to incorporate some more nutrients into your dieting plan, then this is the perfect place to be. Keep on reading because we have prepared a list of everything that the poppy seeds can provide you with. It is an interesting list that will definitely make you reconsider them.

Health Benefits of Poppy Seeds

1. The well known analgesic effect – the most widely known effect of the poppy seeds is that it has analgecis qualities. One of the primary active components is the morphine, and as you probably already know, this is an excellent pain reliever. So, if you decide to consume these seeds, you will soothe some pains and aches, relieve headaches, and even accelerate the process of healing. The rich nutrient combo in the poppy seeds, including the zinc, will boost the metabolism and help boost the recovery process.

2. Boost your immune system with it – studies have connected the zinc directly to improvement of the immune system. This mineral, that is found in great levels within each poppy seed, will stimulate the production of white blood cells and the response of the body to foreign agents and substances.

3. Improve the health of the eyes – as we get older, our vision naturally begins to fail us more often with each passing day, but thankfully there are certain things that you can do in order to slow down or prevent this process. The antioxidant compounds found in the poppy seeds are an excellent way to do this, and so is the zinc, another compound found in the seeds. It can reduce the occurrence of macular degeneration, keeping the eyes as strong as ever.

4. Maintain the health of the heart – one of the main minerals found in the poppy seeds is the iron, compound that is integral in production of the red blood cells. If you increase your level of iron, you can boost the flow of blood, increasing the oxygenation of the vital organs in the body thur reducing symptoms of anemia, boost your levels of energy, annd speed up the entire healing process.

5. Aid your digestive system – if you happen to be suffering from diarrhea or constipation means that your diet lacks fiber. The poppy seeds have a surprisingly high level of this nutrient, meaning they can help you bulk up the stool or promote peristaltic motion in order to regulate your bowel movements. This has directly been linked to soothing any pain or inflammation, thus promoting optimal functioning in your gut.

6. Helps in the case of type 2 diabetes – even though in these cases it seems like more of a preventive measure, the constantly low levels of zinc can be quite an indicatior to developing type 2 diabetes. If you want to protect yourself from thie almost global epidemic, add some zinc to your dieting plan is a great solution, and the poppy seeds can help you with that.

7. Optimal nerve function – unfortunately, not a lot of people realize the amount of impact the calcium has on the entire body, and when it comes to the optimal functioning of the nervous system, there are some minerals which are considered essential. Thankfully, the poppy seeds can help you here because of the high level of calcium found in them, making them an impressive nerve tonic and preventing nerve disorders as well as promote a healthy nerve function.

8. Bring health to the bones – another great aspect of the poppy seeds is the calcium which you can find in abundance, because it will provide the bones with the mineral density they need. This means that the calcium in the poppy seeds can ensure our bones stay resillient and healthy no matter our age, rather than weakening in a slow way because of osteoporsis or any other age related bone disease.

9. Optimal blood pressure levels – the anesthetic and analgetic properties of the poppy seeds can protect your heart in a whole different way. The potassium, which is a part of these seeds, can ease the tension in the arteries and make the blood flow normal throughout the entire body. This can successfully prevent atherosclerosis or any heart diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and so on.

10. A final warning – it is of utmost importance to remember that the poppy seeds contain quite strong compounds in level that are much higher than the average. Even though it is not the same consuming too many hot dog buns and taking a morphine drip, depending on how the poppy oils are prepared, you need to make sure that you use them with extreme caution. Make sure that you only use the seeds from trusted alternative medical practitioners and herbalists. Consult your local health specialist before every use, because the use of the poppy seeds and oil are forbidden in some countries, such as Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia and others.

So, despite the last words of caution that you definitely have to take into consideration, we believe that, if used properly, the poppy seeds or the poppy oil can be very good for you. When used in moderacy, these are seeds that can bring to you a variety of health benefits that you will feel in an instant.
It maybe a bit of a risk to start consuming them because there is always the possibility of conuming too much of them, but if you consult with your doctor we are certain that you can make it work. so. the next time you decide to make a turn for a better and healthier lifestyle, drop by your local herbalist and take some poppy seeds. Enjoy them and stay healthy!