10 Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds

Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds

If you are one of those people who love cooking with all kinds of different spices and herbs, then the one we have in store for you is the absolute best! One of our favorite spices is the cumin, and we are going to talk a bit more about it today.

The cumin dates to about 5000 years back, has a distinctive green brown and yellow color and has a sharp, pungent and a bit sweet flavor. The cumin seeds have been most used in herbal medicine and and they are filled with healthy benefits. This is why today we will present to you a list of all the benefits that you can gain from consuming the cumin seeds on a daily basis.

cumin seeds healthy benefits for your body

1. Great for digestion – the active compounds in the cumin seeds will benefit your digestive system and will improve the overall health of the gut by boosting the secretion of the gastrointestinal enzymes. The essential oils found in the cumin, along with the thymol, will stimulate the salivary glands that will help you digest the food. In addition, the content of fiber found in the cumin seeds will stimulate the secretion of enzymes too. The cumin has been very much used for traditional medicine, especially when it comes to mild digestive disorders, such as morning sickness, diarrhea, bloating, flatulence, indigestion and so on.

2. Will lower your cholesterol – the antioxidants found in the cumin seeds will help you lower your levels of cholesterol. One study published in the year of 2014 showed that the cumin can significantly lower your levels of bad cholesterol. Another study, dated further back in the year of 2002, found that the cumin can lower the pancreatic inflammatory markers, triglycerides and total cholesterol in diabetic rats.

3. Proven to be efective for diabetics – the cumin seeds are also a spice that the diabetics should consider. It has been proven that the cumin seeds are able to lower the blood sugar levels in rats that have been induced with diabetes. The same researchers that published this study concluded that the cumin may also increase the sensitivity of the body to insulin. Another study, published in the year of 2010 proved that the cumin seeds can greatly affect the reduction of blood sugar in diabetic rats.

4. Will boost your immunity – the cumin seeds is filled with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron, which are all compounds that can boost the health of the immune system. There were a lot of studies that showed the cumin seeds are a potent immunomodulator, which can lead to recovery in immunocompromised individuals. The cumin is able to reduce the adrenalin gland size, reduce the elevated levels of cholesterol as well as replenish the depleted T cells.

5. It will help fight against osteoporosis – the osteoporosis is a very common issue with postmenopausal women. In a study conducted in the year of 2010, researchers found out that the cumin seeds had a very similar anti osteoporotic effect in rats, when compared to a drug compared for menopause issues, called estradiol. But, the cumin will not produce the weight gain that is linked with the estradiol. An oral consumption of a gram of cumin will improve the microarchitecture and an increased bone density in the rats who were suffering from osteoporosis.

6. Will help fight cancer – among the Vitamin A and the Vitamin C, the cumin seeds also contain anticarcinogenic properties. A study that was conducted a while ago, in the year of 1992 suggests that the cumin seeds contain very valuable anticancer properties. Followig that, another study conducted in the year of 2003 explained how the cumin seeds contain chemopreventive potential, which could be linked to the ability to control carcinogen metabolism.

7. Will help you fight asthma too – the cumin seeds are also able to treat any respiratory issues, such as asthma and bronchitis. The essential oils found in the cumin seeds can act as a great anti congestive and expectorant that will loosen up the accumulation of mucus and phlegm in the respiratory tract. A study conducted in the year of 2010 found out that the anti inflammatory properties found in the cumin coresponded with the traditional use for inflammatory related diseases, among which is the asthma.

8. Will offer a protection of the liver – the cumin seeds are also going to offer you a protection of your liver. It has been proven that the cumin will protect the liver from ethanol with rats. The cumin can also prevent changes in the phospholipid fatty acid composition in the liver of the rats.

9. Can improve your cognitive function – the cumin seeds have also been proven to improve the cognitive performance and improve the diseases related to the memory such as Alzheimer’s disease, as well as dementia. What also causes forgetfullness and confusion is the extreme amount of stress. The protective effects of the cumin against the loss of memory and damaging effects of the stress over the body have been amazing. In this study, within only an hour of consuming the cumin seeds, the rats who were previously under a great deal odf stress had their stress levels induced significantly.

10. Can help detox a drug addiction – the opiates are drugs frequently used for pain addiction, and the most common examples include morphine, oxycodone and codeine. It has been stated that 9% of the population will misuse the opiate during their lifetime. The common symptoms of opiate withdrawal include insomnia, nausea, runny nose, sweating, abdominal cramping, anxiety, agitation, muscle aches, vomiting, diarrhea, dilated pupils and goosebumps. It has been proven several times that the essential oils in the cumin will reduce the dependance and tolerance of morphine.

The cumin can be beneficial for several other things too, such as insomnia, cataracts, libido and erectile dysfunction, obesity, hypertension, anemia, and the cumin seeds can also be used to improve some skin conditions, such as boils, rashes, eczema and psoriasis. This is why you should consume the cumin on a regular basis. Experience all of the benefits from the cumin on your own body and skin and enjoy a healthier lifestyle, so get a bit cumin, starting from today!