10 Health Benefits of Lemon Water

Health Benefits of Lemon Water

Consuming lemon water first thing in the morning right after you wake up is something that will definitely help you start off your day with a kick of energy! This is a drink that is able to flush out all of the toxins that have built up over the night and help your body work in a proper way. But today, we are going to show you much more than that. Today we are going to present to you all of the health benefits that come with regular consumption of the lemon water, so keep on reading!

is drinking Lemon Water good for your health?

1. It will help you deal with asthma – the lemon juice is rich in the essential Vitamin C which has been frequently linked to affecting the asthma in children. There have been plenty of researches which have found out that a low intake of Vitamin C has resulted in an increased risk of asthma during the childhood. So, by keeping up a good intake of Vitamin C, which is found in lemon water and other citrus fruits in abundance, you can help to supplement a medically arranged asthma treatment plan.

2. Will improve the health of the eye in diabetics – the diabetics face many challenges when it comes to their health, but one of the most significant ones is being prone to damage to the eyes and vision, which can often lead to severe or complete blindness. One study has shown that the flavonoids, which are found in the lemon and other fruits and vegetables, can help prevent the development of cataracts in diabetics. This is considered to be of a great benefit because the cataracts is a degenerative eye condition causing blurry vision and blindness over a longer period of time.

3. Is able to lower your blood sugar levels – the bioflavonoids in the lemon are a type of antioxidants that have many significant benefits. There have been plenty of researches which show that two of the citrus bioflavonoids found in the lemon can significantly help reduce the blood sugar levels. They can also help to manage the blood sugar in other ways, such as how it is stored in the muscles and in the liver too. This can really be of much help in the case of diabetics and people with impaired blood sugar levels who absolutely need to control their blood glucose levels.

4. It will help in preventing kidney stones – have you ever had to deal with kidney stones? They are known to be extremely painful and unfortunately, some of us are at a higher risk of getting them than other people. The diosmin, which is a flavanone antioxidant found in the lemon, has been found to have very positive effects on decreasing the occurrence of kidney stones in the body.

Its effect are as powerful for this illness as that of some very popular drugs. The diosmin helps in decreasing the urinary calcium and phosphorus in the kidneys as well as helping to increase the overall urinary volume as well as serum calcium levels, all of which help to ease the pressure on the kidneys and stop the development of any stones.

5. It is excellent for your heart – the lemon water is also a terrific source of potassium which is a vital mineral that is essential and helpful in a variety of bodily functions. The potassium is good for the heart because it plays a very important role in helping the muscles, as well as those in the rest of the body, to function in a proper way and pump blood all around the body.

6. It is an excellent source of antioxidants – plenty of the positive effects which are produced by the lemon water are through the action of the powerful antioxidants with which the lemon water is filled with. Both the Vitamin C and the other bioflavonoids that are found in the lemon juice are antioxidants that can help to target the free radicals and reduce all of the harmful oxidation.

7. It will help you soothe a sore throat – the lemon water, when mixed with honey is a great way to soothe a sore throat. If you happen to suffer from a congested throat, the lemon water can help you in clearing out the mucus and the bacteria, while the honey will be able to soothe scratchy, dry throats, while being antibacterial on your throat as well.

8. Can help you fight off a cold or a flu too – do not forget about the great benefits that the lemon water and honey can bring to you if you happen to have a cold. First of all, the lemon water is rich in Vitamin C, which supports the entire immune system and helps to battle any kind of illness. Second of all, the lemon water is a great way to stay hydrated when you are ill. The honey can help to give a boost of energy and vitality when you are not feeling well.

9. It will even prevent any weight gain whatsoever – if the prevention of weight gain and fat build up is somewhat of a priority to you, then throw in the lemon peel into your warm lemon water along with the juice. One study has found out that the lemon polyphenols in the lemon peel prevented fat gain and weight increase in mice when they were tested over a period of 12 weeks. The lemon polyphenols have particularly targeted the white adipose tissue, which is known to be the less beneficial kind of fat in the human bodies. Now, this is a benefit of the lemon water we can definitely appreciate at all times!

10. It will fully cleanse your digestive system – the citric acid is a component of the lemon juice as well as some other citrus fruits that provides that sour taste. It is also considered to be one of the effective ingredients in a solution used to clear out the bowels prior to having a colonoscopy. All of this suggests that the citric acid is able to play an important role in cleansing the digestive system and bowel in particular to helping in keeping your system clear and running in a smooth way.

There is quite a vast selection of all the benefits that can come with regular consumption of the lemon water. From the juice to the peel of this fruit, the lemon water is going to provide you with antioxidants, vitamins and disease fighting compounds that will boost your overall health and help you feel great too. Whether it comes to the overall look and health of the eyes, skin, hair, or the kidneys, heart or liver, these nutrients will aid any part of the body, making the lemon water an ideal drink for an overall health.