10 Health Benefits of Turnip Greens

Today we are going to share with you the amazing nutritional benefits from consuming a plant that you have all learned to love with time – and it is the turnip greens! This is a veggie that will provide you with numerous health benefits, so stick around and keep on reading to find them all out!

Health Benefits of Turnip Greens

1. It will provide you with strong bones and teeth – the turnip greens can offer your bones and teeth plenty of nutrition which help keep them powerful. A cup filled with cut turnip greens contains about 104 milligrams of calcium, 10 % of the everyday requirement of that particular nutrient. In addition to this, it has 138 micrograms of Vitamin K, far exceeding the Institute of Medicine’s suggested every day consumption which is 90 micrograms.

The Vitamin K is able to assist your blood coagulates or even a clot, along with the Vitamin K insufficiency is really a danger factor for creating brittle bones, which is noted by the authors of the review paper published in the Food and Nutrition Research in the year of 2012.

2. Maintains an excellent digestive health – the turnip greens are usually filled with fiber which can help improve the body’s digestive tract. Some studies have shown that the glucosinolates can also help the stomach processing bacteria such as the Helicobacter pylori.

3. Fight inflammation with it – the turnip greens are loaded with Vitamin K, along with an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. These two are the basic key points of an excellent and anti inflammatory nutrition. The Vitamin K is really a primary regulator of the inflammation related response, while on the other hand the omega-3 fatty acids just like the alphalinolenic acid (or the ALA) are definitely the building block for the body’s most utilized groups of anti inflammatory substances.

The inflammation performs a significant part in the tumor improvement too, which includes initiation, promotion, as well as metastasis of it. Higher inflammation levels are related to boost the cancer risk and offer a lesser prognosis all the while reducing the toleration to many anti cancer therapies. By lowering the inflammatory levels you will succeed in maintaining decreased cancer risks as well as an enhanced survival rate.

4. Maintain the health of your eyes – if you happen to be attempting to consume this plant for much better eyesight, turnip greens will definitely provide you with some advantages. Every cup of chopped turnip greens contains about 7,054 micrograms of lutein, 70 % of the amount which is suggested to keep you on a daily basis to safeguard the eyes from vision loss because of the macular deterioration.

Additionally, it offers about 318 micrograms of Vitamin A, a nutrient that can help you see much better in a reduced light. The Institute of Medicine furthermore suggests that males obtain about 900 micrograms and females obtain about 700 micrograms of the Vitamin A each day.

5. Support your entire detox process – if you are subjected to harmful toxins through the atmosphere as well as through your diet, just like most of the people are, then you are at elevated chance of any toxin related injury that may ultimately boost your the chances of your cells of getting super malignant until you provide your body’s detoxing system with some sufficient dietary support.

This is a major reason why it’s very important to consume turnip greens along with other cruciferous veggies on a regular basis. The turnip greens will offer to you antioxidant nutrients to enhance phase I detoxification activity, as well as sulfur containing nutrition to enhance phase II detox activity.

The turnip greens, in addition to all of this, will include nutrients known as glucosinolates that will help stimulate the detoxification enzymes as well as help control their activity. The two key glucosinolates present in the turnip greens in substantial quantities are gluconasturtian as well as glucotropaeolin.


6. Will provide you with some antioxidant benefits – the long term oxidative stress (chronic presence over excessively reactive oxygen containing molecules and the cumulative harm to our cells done by all of these molecules) is really a risk factor for developing several types of cancer.

By giving you a broad palette of antioxidant nutrients, the turnip greens will help lower your cancer risk by helping you avoid any chronic oxidative pressure within all of your cells. Just as it turns out to be one outstanding source of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, beta-carotene and manganese, turnip greens will give you the greatest level of support with these antioxidant nutrients, along with a number of other nutrients as well. The turnip greens offer hydroxycinnamic acid, quercetin, myricetin, isorhamnetin as well as kaempferol, among other crucial antioxidant nutrients.

7. Will help you maintain healthy lungs – the frequent usage of turnip greens will help you to sustain an excellent lung health. According to plenty of different researches, individuals who smoke a lot or even get subjected to second hand smoke should definitely consume turnip green because it will help you to sustain healthy lungs.

The tobacco smokes include benzo (a) pyrene that is considered to be carcinogenic and results in lack of Vitamin A in the body. This insufficiency eventually will result in the creation of emphysema as well as lung swelling. The turnip greens are an abundant source of Vitamin A, therefore you may ensure to get safe as well as healthy lungs upon its usage.

8. Will prevent any damage to the blood vessel walls – the turnip greens really are a rich method to obtain the Vitamin C as well as Vitamin E. Both in combination assist to start an enzyme known as paraoxonase. These types of enzymes will prevent the oxidation of both HDL and LDL cholesterol. Existences of both of these vitamins can assist to reduce the overall quantity of dangerous substance known as homocysteine, which can damage the walls of the bloodstream. Therefore the frequent usage of turnip greens will help prevent the development or even progression of coronary artery disease.

9. Will prevent colon tumors – the usage of turnip greens is extremely important to fight against colon tumors. According to some numerous studies, this is a veggie that consists of large quantities of Vitamin C that can help in maintaining the colon tumors at bay.

10. Finally, it will prevent asthma – the turnip greens have got a lot of different nutritional values such as the folic acid, riboflavin, copper, manganese, potassium, Vitamin C as well as Vitamin E that really help to keep an excellent health. One of the leading health advantages that come with the turnips green is, it is able to offer relief to patients who are struggling with bronchial asthma.

We are hoping that upon reading this article, you will start consuming the turnip greens on a regular basis.

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