10 Health Benefits of Rapini

The rapini is probably one of the best vegetables that you can ever stumble upon. Usually people run from the grassy and slightly bitter vegetables, but in our opinion, this is a vegetable that will definitely find its way onto your plate.

This is a vegetable that contains about a lot of healthy benefits and is filled with nutrients that can do wonders for your body! Well, this is why today we have chosen the rapini in order to help provide you with the best health benefits that come with consuming it on a regular basis. So stick around and see what this green veggie can do for you!

Health Benefits of Rapini

1. It will improve your bone health – the strengthening properties that are found in the rapini come from the high content of Vitamin K. A serving of one half of a cup contains about 169 micrograms of Vitamin K1, a daily dose in order to keep the strength of your bones. This vitamin is required to maintain the health of your bones.

2. It contains cancer fighting properties – the rapini contains very powerful cancer fighting properties which are able to prevent the cellular damage which is done by the free radicals, thus maintaining the healthy balance of hormones and reduce the yeast infections in the body. There is no reason for you not to consume the rapini!

3. It can protect you from a heart disease – the rapini contains very strong anti inflammatory nutrients, and some of them are Vitamin C and folate. Both of these nutrients are able to reduce the homocystiene which is a type of amino acid that can do a lot of damage to the arteries, thus causing a coronary heart disease.

4. It can help you detox and heal – the rapini is probably one of the many cruciferous veggies that actually contain sulfur. The sulfur contains one very special compound called MSM that is able to assist the entire detox process of the liver. This is a compound that is able to reduce the symptoms of inflammation in arthritis patients.

5. It will improve the insulin sensitivity – every cup of rapini contains about two grams of fiber. Interestingly, the fiber found in the rapini is a soluble fiber, which slows down the digestive time in the gastrointestinal tract. The soluble fiber, when dissolved in water create some form of a gel that lowers the levels
of glucose in the body as well as the blood cholesterol levels too. If you combine the rapini with a high carb meal, such as a pasta dish, will definitely reduce the response to insulin, which will in turn keep the hyper and hypoglycemia at bay.


6. It is supercharged with Vitamin C – the fresh rapini is actually filled with Vitamin C! A cup of rapini contains about 32% of your recommended daily Vitamin C intake. This particular vitamin is a well known antioxidant, that provides you with protection against the free radicals and the oxidative damage, as well as the flu like infections.

7. It will protect you from asthma and allergies – if you decide to regularly consume the rapini green veggie then you will definitely have an excellent protection from developing asthma and keep many allergies at bay. The rapini is an excellent veggie that can give you all of the nutrients the body needs in order to maintain the optimal level of the health.

8. It is low in calories – the rapini is one of the very low calorie veggies, carrying just about 22 calories per 100 grams of raw leaves. Nonetheless, it holds several vital vitamins such as folates, and vitamin K. In 100 grams of fresh leaves there are about 224 mg or about 186% of daily requirement of vitamin K1 (called phylloquinone). The Vitamin K has been found to have a potential role in the bone strengthening function by promoting an osteoblastic activity in the bone. It also has quite an established role in playing the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease by limiting the neuronal damage in the human brain.

9. It will prevent any birth defects – the fresh rapini contains more folic acid than the mustard and turnip greens. In 100 grams of fresh leaves you can find about 83 mg of this vitamin (about 21% of recommended daily intake). The folic acid plays a vital role in the DNA synthesis as well as the cell division. When supplemented in women during the time trey try to conceive a child it may help prevent any neural tube defects in the newborn babies.

10. It is an excellent source of Vitamin A – much like the kale and mustard greens, the rapini too is an excellent source of Vitamin A, because it can provide you with about 87% of your recommended daily intake per only one hundred grams. The Vitamin A is an essential nutrient required for maintaining the healthy mucosa and skin and is essential for an excellent night vision. The consumption of natural fruits rich in flavonoids have been found to be helpful in protecting you from lung and oral cavity cancers.

The rapini is probably one of the best green vegetables that yu can find on the planet. This is a plant which is filled with all sorts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which will literally do wonders to your skin. This is why we have decided to provide you with all of the health benefits that come with the regular consumption of the rapini.

This is why we strongly recommend that you start consuming this veggie on a daily basis. Add it to your salads, soups, and any meal that you can. Use it as a side dish and create a better and a healthier lunch or dinner for yourself. If you have decided to create a healthier version of yourself, then you are definitely on the right track with this one! Start consuming the rapini and enjoy in all of the benefits we have just presented to you today! Enjoy!

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