10 Health Benefits of Guacamole

Even though it has been known that the avocados are more and more frequent in India, a lot of people simply tend to avoid them, and the main reason for that is because they are not exactly certain of what to actually do with them.

This is why today we are here for you, in order to help you deal with that particular issue! If you have not been consuming the avocados so far, then you have been definitely missing out on something, and today we are going to tell you what that is!

The guacamole is an interestingly pronounced word and is actually a salad that is based on several compounds which all contain exceptional health benefits for the body. This particular salad is made with the avocados, it is considered to be extremely healthy and does not require much effort to prepare it.

Even though most of the health benefits from it come from the avocado, there are a lot of other ingredients which have a lot of health benefits you, and you can get the best out of them too! This is why today we have decided to put our attention to the guacamole salad, a type of food that is both tasty and healthy! In addition we are going to provide you with the best health benefits that you will obtain by consuming the guacamole on a regular basis so stick around and find all of them out now!

Health Benefits of Guacamole

1. The guacamole is excellent for the health of your heart – the guacamole is absolutely loaded with folate as well as Vitamin E, and both of which are able to reduce your risk of heart disease in a considerable manner. There has been research which has shown that the healthy fats found in the avocados also decrease the blood pressure levels significantly.

2. The guacamole is good for your skin and hair – the Vitamin C and the Vitamin E which are found in the guacamole are both able to help you keep your skin, hair, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissues as healthy as possible. It is able to prevent any oxidative damage, thus keeping you younger and healthier, both from the inside and on the outside.

3. The guacamole will promote a healthy weight loss – all of the ingredients in the guacamole are filled with fiber and the avocados have a big dose of healthy fats too, both of which take plenty of time to be digested in the body, keeping you full for a longer period of time. The healthy fats which are found in the avocados are monounsaturated fats that are able to promote weight loss.

4. The guacamole will boost your immunity – the avocados, tomatoes as well as the lemon juice all contain Vitamin C, which is able to boost your overall immunity and improve your overall health.

5. The guacamole is able to maintain the vision and eye health – the avocados contain plenty of carotenoid lutein, which is a compound that keeps your eyes healthy and protects you against the age related eye problems such as the cataracts and the macular degeneration.

6. The guacamole is proven to be terrific for your digestion – only a 1/4 cup of guacamole will give you 4 grams of dietary fiber! This particular fiber will definitely improve your digestion and prevent any constipation from happening in the body.

7. The guacamole will maintain your healthy blood sugar levels – the fiber that is found in the guacamole is able to regulate the blood sugar absorption in the body, thus preventing your blood sugar levels from spiking or even from crashing. Most of the people are aware that the apples are good for the blood sugar levels, but what they are not aware of is that the lemons (one of the ingredients in the guacamole) also contain the pectin, which is the same type of fiber as the one found in the apples, making the lemons extremely beneficial when it comes to maintaining the blood sugar levels as well.

8. The guacamole will prevent the risk of strokes – the folate that is found in the guacamole can prevent not only any heart issues but strokes as well. There have been plenty of studies which have shown that the people who consume a diet rich in folates are most definitely less likely to suffer from any strokes than those who do not do this.

9. The guacamole will maintain your prostate health – the tomatoes mostly get their red color from a compound that is called lycopene, which is actually able to prevent any form of cancer and keep the prostate gland as healthy as possible. This is why we urge you to consume the guacamole on a more regular basis.

10. The guacamole will help you fight osteoporosis – the avocados are absolutely loaded with Vitamin K, which is a nutrient that improves the ability of the body to absorb and use the calcium, thus keeping your bones healthy. The Vitamin K also improves the blood clotting, making sure that you do not bleed out every time you get a cut.

As you were able to see, among other benefits, we have chosen to present these to you today. They are the best health benefits which could definitely catch the attention of anyone and could make anyone go to the store and buy guacamole now! Also, if you happen to be focused on food prepared at the comfort of your own home, then you definitely have to try the home made version of the guacamole.

Here is when you will be eager to experiment, and you can even add some herbs or spices in order to create a more pungent and sharp taste. This is the good thing about making guacamole, is that you also can make sure that all of the ingredients you put inside of it are organic and fresh, so that the guacamole which you will prepare is going to provide you with the most nutrients that you can get!

So, run down to the store and find yourself a guacamole recipe, take all the ingredients that you need and prepare this amazing food. You will definitely not regret it. Imagine this – if you get all of these benefits by consuming the guacamole by only one serving, then imagine what it can do to your body if you start consuming the guacamole on a regular basis! It will most definitely going to do wonders for your entire body!

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