10 Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

We have all heard of the benefits that come from the watermelon, especially the detox part, which makes it an excellent snack in the hot summer days. But, have you tried consuming only the seeds of the watermelon? Probably not, but this is where we come in and try to change your mind. Read on and find out why you should start consuming them!

What are the benefits of eating Watermelon Seeds?

1. The watermelon seeds are filled with protein – have you had any idea that the watermelon seeds have been proven to be so beneficial? It has probably never crossed your mind, but what you definitely need to know is that the watermelon seeds are an excellent source of protein. A cup of dried watermelon seeds contains about 30 grams of protein, and that is about 61% of your daily recommended protein intake.

2. The watermelon seeds are filled with Vitamin B – in several international researches, the watermelon seeds are established powerful seeing that they comprise various useful substances. One of them is being filled with Vitamin B as well as dietary fiber. The Vitamin B found in the watermelon seeds is niacin, and has proven to be beneficial for protecting the digestive system and skin.

3. The watermelon seeds are abundant in minerals – yes, the watermelon seeds have proven to have an amazing level of minerals. This especally goes for the magnesium which is one of the vital minerals for the entire body. It is primarily based on the medical opinion that one hundred grams of watermelon seeds gives 139% of the recommended daily intake of magnesium needed for optimal function of the body. This will foster a good metabolism, protein synthesis and normalize the blood pressure levels. Furthermore, the watermelon seeds are also able to control diabetes and hypertension.

4. The watermelon seeds are filled with fats – another good thing that comes from these amazing seeds is that they are filled with healthy fats. This is probably something that you haven’t stumbled upon before, but make sure that we are going to tell you everything you need to know about these incredible little black seeds so that you could consume them more. In one cup of dried watermelon seeeds there is 51 grams of fat, of which 11 grams are saturated fats.

5. The watermellon seeds can boost your sexual health – the watermelon seeds are filled with lycopene and numerous vitamins. All of them bring an extensive health impact for the human body. Except, they may be just the thing you are looking for when it comes to a sexual purpose. The watermelon seeds increase the growth of male fertility. When it comes to the males, lycopene is ideal for increasing their fertility as well as their sexual passion. As it has been proven in some studies, watermelon seeds carry comparable function as a famous sexual medication that makes the erection last longer. But, they carry no long term effects. The consumption of a nutrient dense dieting plan will make the blood flow moreeasily too. This is how you make the grounds for a stronger nervous system and making the immune system more potent. The lycopene in watermelon seeds prevents people from showing early signs of aging too.

6. The watermelon seeds are good for diabetes treatment too – these particular seeds are effective to certain quantity in bringing down the sugar levels in blood, hence being helpful in treating diabetes type 2. in order to manipulate the sugar, one has to regularly consume tea made out of the watermelon seeds. The magnesium in the seeds will regulate the metabolism of carbohydrate, which will at once effect the blood sugar levels.

7. The watermelon seeds are able to improve your memory – well, believe it or not, these mighty little black seeds will do wonders for your brain. This is especially proven too be effective with elderly people who may have a decline in their cognitive function, but the watermelon seeds are thankfully able to build up the strength of the brain, thus boosting the power to memorize and maintaining the overall health of the brain. The watermelon seeds are crucial for constructing the electricity of our memory. Eating watermelon seeds enables us to make our memory sharp. The more regularly we eat watermelon seeds, the stronger your memory will be.

8. The watermelon seeds will make your bones stronger – did you know that the watermellon seeds are filled with calcium? Well, might we add that we have been pleasantly surprised to hear it too! The calcium found in the watermelon seeds is able to make the structure of the bones stronger and make them more resillient as the person ages.

9. the watermelon seeds can control the blood pressure – the protein in the watermelon seeds includes several amino acids. One of them is arginin. Arginin is essential for controlling our blood pressure and fighting against heart illnesses. The other amino acids in watermelon seeds include tryptophan, glutamate acid, and lisin. The mineral that dominates in the watermelon seeds is magnesium. The magnesium has an essential feature for our health, especially for our heart as it controls our blood pressure in addition to the overall metabolism of the body.

10. The watermelon seeds are great for the hair – the seeds include good amounts of protein which is useful for your hair health. The seeds contain iron, which allows to bolster your hair and promote the hair increase. It prevents your hair from becoming thin, dry and dull. The seeds contain magnesium, which is ideal to make your hair robust and healthy. The roasted seeds include copper that produce melanin, a pigment which is accountable for the coloring of the hair. The crucial amino acids save the hair from breaking. Its oil helps to treat an itchy scalp and it is easy to use too.

We hope that we have made you consume the watermelon seeds on a regular basis and we hope that you will do that in order to maintain and boost the health of your entire body! Enjoy them!