Health Benefits of the Manuka Honey

Health Benefits of the Manuka Honey

The Manuka Honey is thought to be one of the most beneficial and healthy type of honey in the world. It is a honey produced from the Manuka bushes in New Zealand, and it has been used because of its medicinal properties for thousands of years now.

Cultures all around the world have praised the amazing healing treasure that is the Manuka honey. But what kind of nutrients does it really contain and what health benefits can it provide to a person? In order to give you answers to there questions, we have comprised a list of the best health benefits of the Manuka honey, and trust us, you will enjoy reading them!

is Manuka Honey good for your health?

1. Treat SIBO, acid reflux and low stomach acid – these three ailments actually go well hand in hand. But, because the Manuka honey is known to contain natural antibiotic properties, it can be a great medicine for any disorder that is related to bacteria. Actually, in one recent study, a dangerous bacteria that has been related to all of these ailments has proven to be successfully diminished by the power of the Manuka honey itself. So, consuming this particular type of honey will prove to be quite beneficial in balancing the digestive system and healing imbalances in the stomach and intestines.

2. Fight acne and eczema – if you search a little bit online you will find out that the Manuka honey has proven to be quite beneficial for eczema and acne patients. At this time unfortunately there are no clinical trials whatsoever that would support this claim, but it shouldn’t be something that bothers you at all. If you happen to take into account the antimicrobial and healing properties of the honey, you will realize that it actually makes sense if you try treating your conditions with it. What most of the people do is they apply the honey on the affected area and leave it like that for a couple of minutes before washing it off with some warm water and a mild soap. This usually does the trick. For best results, repeat this every day or every other day.

3. MRSA (staph infections) – you are probably familiar with the super bug that has plagued hospitals for the past several years – called MRSA. What has happened here is the overuse of antibiotics and the ineffectiveness of the drugs have caused a certain a strain of staph to become indefensible using just the typical hospital and nursing medical protocols. By spreading in such a rapid way, most people that are affected by the MRSA get so infected that they end up having massive surgeries, intervenes tubing or artificial joints in order for their lives to be saved. However, some UK researchers have provided us with some natural hope. The Manuka honey is able to regulate the MRSA bacteria. Scientists claim that the regular use of the honey on cuts and infections can keep away the MRSA.

4. Take care of wounds, burns and ulcers – the use of the Manuka honey will lead to improved healing of wounds in acute cases, pain relief in burn patients, and also decreased inflammatory response with the same patients. In addition to this, because it is filled with antioxidant, anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties, this honey has been shown to prevent infections in people who were suffering from venous ulcers. This honey has also been effectively used as a wound dressing in order to promote a faster healing.

5. Stay safe from the gingivitis and tooth decay – because of its amazing antimicrobial properties, a group of researchers from New Zealand found out that chewing a Manuka honey product not only caused a 35% decrease in plaque, but also led to a same amount of reduction in bleeding with people who were suffering from gingivitis. Another important nutrients for healthy teeth are calcium, phosphorous and zinc.

6. Keep the IBD and IBS away – the Manuka honey, at different doses, can rvide you with protection from TNBS induced colonic damage. There would be reduced colonic inflammation and all the biochemical parameters would significantly reduce if you consume this honey regularly. Also, the honey will restore the peroxidation of lipids as well as improve the antioxidant parameters. Manuka honey is not only used to treat pain and intestinal inflammation, but it is also able to repair the damage from the free radicals, and protect the body from any further damage.

7. Aid a sore throat and boost immunity – the Manuka honey is able to stop the growth of the Strep bacteria (which is causing the sore throat), and no wonder why so many people benefit from it instantly after consuming only a teaspoon of it. This honey has even been recently approved by the National Cancer Institute to heal the inflammation in the throat caused by the chemotherapy!

8. Keeps the allergies and the sinusitis away too – if you log online, there are plenty accounts of people claiming to receive allergy relief after consuming this particular type of honey. There had even been a study conducted where some of the participants were given regular honey, and some were given honey with birch pollen added to it. The last group only used their allergies medicine to help them. The results were incredible – the patients resulted in 60% instant lowering of the allergies symptoms, and 70% decrease after a few days (for those who had more severe symptoms). Also, they found out that there was almost no difference between the group who only consumed honey and those who consumed honey with birch pollen. So, consuming the Manuka honey on a regular basis will decrease your need for medications and help you with your seasonal allergies.

9. Have yourself a beauty treatment and boost your health at the same time – if you decide to consume the Manuka honey on a daily basis, you will notice that it contains elixir like effects that will not only boost your energy, but your overall quality of life too. Because it is nutrient dense, it provides one with youthful energy, vitality, and has been well known to improve the texture and tone of the skin. You can use it as a face wash if you want to exfoliate and fight the free radicals which are present in the skin. You can add it to your shampoo or use it as a hair mask too if you want to boost the shine of your hair. You can even use it as a detox drink – this way you will get the benefits both inside and out.

10. Finally, improve the quality of your sleep – the Manuka honey will promote a healthy and a deep sleep. It slowly releases the necessary glycogen for the bodily functions while you are sleeping. Adding some honey and milk in your evening routine will promote the melatonin to the brain which is necessary for a good night of sleep. Because there are many health disorders that derive from sleeping disorders such as arthritis, diabetes, heart diseases and strokes, because the honey is proven to improve the sleep, it will also keep you safe from these issues.

So, have we persuaded you to try the Manuka honey? If the answer is yes, then you only need to be careful not to buy the fake version of it, and opt searching for this honey in your local health stores, and of course, consult with your doctor prior to using it (in case there is something in it that you might be allergic to). Enjoy!