10 Health Benefits of Pineapple Juice

Health Benefits of Pineapple Juice

Not a lot of people are familiar with the fact that the pineapple is second most loved tropical fruit in the entire world. The fresh pineapple juice has an amazing amount of minerals, vitamins and enzymes, all necessary for optimal development and health of the body. There are plenty of benefits that you can get from the pineapple juice, and this is all possible because of one compound called bromelain.

The bromelain is an enzyme found in the pineapple (especially the ripened one) which helps in neutralizing the acids in the stomach and maintains a proper digestion. There are even more benefits to the pineapple all because of this particular compound, so this is why today we have comprised a list of everything that you will gain if you continuously consume the pineapple juice! Here we go!

Pineapple Juice healthy benefits for your body

1. Improve your digestion – the enzyme that we mentined, bromelain, is able to break down the protein into a much simpler form. This will promote the health of your digestive system, and regulate the secretion of the pancreas. The bromelain contains a lot of natural digestion aids, so make sure you consume the pineapple juice regularly.

2. The benefits of the Bromelain – the pineapple juice contains the enzyme bromelain, which is found to be beneficial in preventing colds, coughs and contains plenty of other therapeutic values too. The bromelain breaks down the fibrin which is a known compounds that clotts the blood. Also, the bromelain helps in improving the breathing process, all by thinning the mucous in the respiratory system. Furthermore, consuming the bromelain will aid you lessen the pain caused by arthritis. Also, it is beneficial for conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne and rosacea. Finally, it is used as a booster of the immunity for it contains anti inflammatory and anti cancerous properties.

3. It will give strength to your bones – the pineapple juice is consiered to be excellent in maintaining the health and strength of the bones because this juice is filled with the mineral manganese. One cup of pineapple juice contains 73% of your daily manganese intake. If you are in a younger stage, the pineapple will help you grow the bones, and if you are in an older age, the pineaple will help you strengthen them. This is a juice that is also filled with Vitamin C, thus being able to solve gum related issues. So, instead of just giving strength to the bones, the manganese is able to regulate the sugar in the blood, heal wounds, increse the immunity and keep the skin healthy.

4. Excellent for the eyesight – the pineapple juice is filled with Vitamin A as well as beta carotene, which has proven to be good for the eyesight. Consuming the pineapple juice will recude the risk of vision loss and will prevent the development of macular degeneration. The presence of antioxidants can help you solve any issues connected to the health of the eyes and maintain a good eye health.

5. The pineapple juice can help you fight joint pain and arthritis – consuming a glass of pineapple juice can alleviate the symptoms and signs of arthritis because of its anti inflammatory properties. The pineapple juice is able to reduce the pain with older people who are initially suffering from arthritis. Also, the pineapple juice can provde relief from any muscle pain. Consuming this drink will give strength to your body. You will even reduce inflammation and swelling with it.

 is drinking Pineapple Juice good for your health

6. The nutritional value of the pineapple juice – this juice is filled with minerals and vitamins. The pineapple contains Vitamin C, B complex, potassium, phosphorous, manganese and calcium. It is furthermore rich in fibers and low in calories. Consuming a glass of fresh pineapple juice will provide you with 75% of your daily Vitamin C requirements. The Vitamin C is excellent for a good immune system. The Vitamin B boosts the metabolic activities in the body. Vitamin B6 can regulate your blood sugar levels. Vitamin A will maintain the health of the mucus membrane, skin and eyesight. Potassium will prevent soreness and muscle cramps.

7. Reduce your risk of hypertension – the pineapple juice is able to reduce hypertension, all because of the amount of potassium and the quite low amount of sodium. The potassium-sodium proportion is the best way for you to fight against the high blood pressure. One cup of pineapple juice contains a milligram of sodium and 195 milligrams of potassium. This is an excellent ratio, and because of it, it is suggested that people who are suffering from hypertension should consume it regularly. The pineapple is considered to be the fruit that has the lowest amount of sodium among all fruits.

8. Keep the health of your teeth and gums – the pineapple juice contains a big amount of Vitamin C, which is quite beneficial for strong teeth. Consuming the pineapple juice will strengthen the teeth as well as the gums. It will prevent the formation of plaque by restricting the activities of the bacteria, and will reduce the risk of gingivitis and periodontal diseases.

9. Excellent for the health of the heart – the pineapple juice will improve the circulation of blood, is excellent for the health of the heart and will ensure a smooth flow of blood within the circulatory system. As the bromelain is much present in the pineapple juice, it will succeed in making your blood a bit thinner so that your risk of a heart attack will be reduced, as well as your risk of stroke and other cardiovascular issues. The antioxidants found in the Vitamin C will also lower the risk of a heart attack by combating the free radicals. The Vitamin C is also able to prevent atherosclerosis.

10. Other benefits of the pineapple juice – if you want to maintain or lose some weight, drinking pineapple juice in the morning will lower the fat and sugar cravings; the pineapple juice also contains selenium, which when combined with the vitamins, boosts the entire immune system; because it is rich in fiber, it promtes a healthy bowel movement and fights constipation; excellent for the skin; drinking it will hellp you remove intestinal worms and release toxins from the body; it will also heal bronchitis and a sore throat.

We hope that we have made you want to consume the pineapple juice on a regular basis with the help of these health benefits. Make the necessary change for your body and create a healthier version of yourself now!